Meet The Family

We are the MacIsaac Family.
We love to explore and play together. Many of our most creative ideas have come from our travels!

A builder and solar installer by trade, Jason is fascinated by sustainable living and Eco-Building. He loves photography and is the founder of J. MacIsaac Studios which began as a showcase for his travel
photography. All of his prints are beautifully transferred to wood panels for a unique and rustic look.

Jen loves to dabble in various mediums to express her creative side. She pulls influences from dance, circus performers, and vintage fashion which are all common themes that run through much of her art regardless of the medium! One of her great passions is helping others to develop their own creative practices which she does through her art classes, workshops, and retreats geared to all ages (Infants to adult)!

Our oldest daughter explores her creative side through performance art mainly. She loves to sing and has dabbled in circus arts with a local performance troup. She will soon begin to explore acting with a local theater group. Most recently she has become interested in photography like her dad. Her focus is mainly on nature photography at this time.

Our youngest daughter loves the visual arts! She could spend most of the day making art. She loves to experiment with and explore various mediums and ideas. One of her favorite pastimes is gift making. She is almost always making something to give a treasured friend or family member. She too has begun to explore her more theatrical side. This year she became involved with a local circus arts group where she fell in love with stilt walking and aerial silks. 

The family cat. He has been on many a road trip as we traveled back and forth across this country...he puts up with us!

The family dog. He is full of energy and always up for a new adventure with the family.

The Ladies
These little ladies are the newest members of our family. The kids are responsible for their upkeep and for their efforts, we have agreed to buy our eggs from them. Not a bad way for the kiddos to earn a bit of cash!

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