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Portland Visit

12:46 PM

So much to see and do. First stop is to visit our beloved friend Eric. His back patio is the most tranquil relaxing place. It is ever changing but always inviting and relaxing.  We are so thankful for his hospitality.
Though we are in town for our friends wedding , we also wanted to take the opportunity to photograph this amazing city. There are so many iconic places here in Portland.  In order to prioritize we made a list of some of the most popular photo opportunities such as the Portlandia statue and the White Stag sign. It was also Saturday which meant Portland's great Saturday Market is going on. We shortly realized that the week we have here is nowhere near enough time to thoroughly explore the city hunting images. Not to mention visit all the wonderful friends and family we want to spend time with. We are tentatively planning to be back in October to further chase down photos of Portland. It will be one of the first stops on our journey southward to escape the oncoming winter.

This has been a great trip! On Saturday we spent the day downtown along the water front. We let the girls play in the fountains, explored the Saturday Market, visited Voodoo donuts, and ended our day with a trip to the Peninsula Rose Garden  for more photo opportunities and fountain play. We still have to process and edit the images to see if we got anything we want to print on wood. We love Portland so much, so many interesting and wonderful people, a foodie's paradise, great beer, and there is always something going on!

Sunday we had the pleasure of celebrating our dear friends' wedding. The wedding celebration was the actual reason we are in Portland. Our friends had to wait  12 years to be legally married. They are such an amazing couple and we are honored to be invited to celebrate with them. Now they can enjoy the legal protections that come with marriage. It was a beautiful and amazing night filled with great food, delicious beverages, and amazing company!

Monday and Tuesday, we spent the day mostly visiting or friends but we did print some test images from Saturdays photo shoot. I can't wait to see how they translate to the wood! We have only a couple more days here to collect images and visit our loved ones. It has been a whirlwind trip. We have our work cut out for us processing these images. Stay tuned!

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