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The Work has begun

8:10 PM

Master Bed/Couch
Girls Bunk Beds
Dining Area
We got her home and went straight to work, she needs tons of cleaning/ updating to make her home!
There were also a few surprises. We were told there were no leaks...but that was not the case! There are in fact several leaks. Jason began immediately pulling out the damaged areas. We will have to replace a good portion of the ceiling.  He also pulled all of the trim on the seams to clean and reseal them.

We got the chance to test his handy work this week as the weather here has turned ugly! There has been more rain in the last two days then there has been the entire rest of the summer. So much so that our basement flooded ruining a good portion of our yard sale goods! BUMMER!!! The newly flashed and calked seams seem to be holding up to the test though so yay! just have to keep her tarped so that he can work on the rest of them between thunder storms, sigh.

The next plan is to fog her for mold, replace the ceiling, and give her a fresh paint job on the inside to brighten her up a bit. We also have to replace the bathtub which was cracked and fix water damage in the bathroom. I think we are going to have to spread those projects out a little though as it is getting a bit expensive. We will just have to stay places with showers for a while!

I would love to eventually change out the flooring and recover the couch and dining cushions, but I suppose those will have to wait too, oh well. The goal now is to get her livable, then we can update as we go along.

Well that is it for now, but stay tuned as we keep plugging away. I will post new pictures as the work is completed.

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