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Trailer progress

7:51 PM

Well we started revamping the trailer to better suite our tastes. I simply can not see living in brown fake wood paneling. It was too much and it really felt like a cave. It also felt very temporary, not at all like a permanent home. I have been pinning like made wonderful ideas for camp trailer/rv renovations on my
Camp Living page. Here are some of my favorites.


Though we do not have the budget to do most of these ideas we can personalize our space somewhat. One inexpensive and effective way to do this is with paint. So while we were out last weekend we decided to swing by the Home Depot and pick out some paint! We wanted to keep the walls as light as possible so we chose a soft creamy white called Shell Crack White. Green is my all time favorite color so we chose an accent color of soft green called Garden Path. We let the girls choose their own colors for their bunks. Fiona chose Teal Lake, a beautiful bright turquoise color. Rowan had her heart set on pink the whole way to the store but when we got there she ended up choosing a bright green called Shire Green. For all of our paint colors we chose Behr Paint and Primer in one. We also got Kilz primer sealer and stain blocker. Even though the paint was a paint/primer we decided that we might need the extra coverage to get the coverage desired. Jason also got some plywood to finish out the ceiling we had to tear out.

We got to work as soon as we got home. Jason patched the ceiling and we got right to work priming all the surfaces. Jason said that it looked better already, but I was doubtful when I saw how sloppy the primer looked on the walls.

Next I started painting the girls bunks and I think they came out pretty nice.

Then I started on the cabinets and accent colors. I thought it was a good idea to move outside to do this. I got everything all set up on a piece of cardboard. I painted the first door, stood up and turned around to get the second door and BAM! A gust of wind picked the cardboard up knocking over the paint, all of the paint all over the first door, and the sidewalk. An entire gallon of paint spilled everywhere!!! I was so shocked. I stood there staring at the mess, not entirely sure what to do, all of my paint was gone. The closest Home Depot an hour away so replacing it was not an option in the short run. So, I grabbed the paint brush and a spoon and salvaged as much of it as possible. I ended up recovering almost two thirds of it...with a little gravel and grass to boot! I washed the rest away with the hose and went right back to painting. All in all I think it turned out OK. I had to pick lots of gravel and grass out as I went but after two coats I was happy with the results.

Today I began the main color. This one is slow going and does not seem to be covering nearly as well as the other colors. So far I have done two coats on the back section of the trailer and there are still some places where I can see through the paint to the brown paneling. It is almost like it is beading up in certain places. After the second coat it looked much smoother but still not complete coverage. I think a third coat is in order. I certainly hope I have enough paint to do three coats on the entire inside of the trailer...stay tuned!

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  1. Wow. Amazing what a difference light and bright colors make. Especially love the girls' bunks. Also, in awe of how you salvaged the spilled paint. Very creative on all counts.


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