Our first Stop

12:00 PM

Well our first stop was on the Washington coast at Copalis Beach. It has been steadily raining since we arrived. We are staying at the Dunes Beach Resort which is right off the beach though there is no direct access. The resort itself is comfortable with good amenities. The spaces are quite close together though so in season it might feel a bit crowded.
This is definitely not the most comfortable season to visit the Washington coast. There have been very high winds and driving rains most of the day and night! There were a few breaks in the extreme weather so we were able to have a little adventure out today. The stormy weather made for some quite dramatic views as we explored.
We were surprised to see just how many deer were around, they were just about everywhere we looked!
We found a fun oyster shack to have a little snack at. F and I both had our first Oyster Shooter in a souvenir glass!

Being that it is off season many of the area attractions were closed but we had a great time exploring the area anyway. We found a great museum and though it too was closed there were a bunch of cool things to look at out side it including a fun little nature path.
The Buoy in the picture is 30 feet long and it was found washed up on the beach in 2007. It is from Ginoza in Okinawa, Japan. It was washed away by a super typhoon in 2006 and spent 245 days in transit.
The buoy provided us with an opportunity to discuss  marine habitats as the buoy itself provides a man made ecosystem by trapping kelp which then attracts invertebrates which feed the fish. The sign said that within 30 days yellow fin tuna will be present in the ecosystem created by the buoy. The tuna are a major commercial catch for the Ginoza fisherman.
There was also a sign that discussed currents which was another fun topic to talk about with the kids. I look forward to continuing these lessons with the girls as we continue down the coast. Road schooling can be so much fun. There are opportunities for learning everywhere...even in closed museums!  

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