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Our CA Coast Trip

5:31 PM

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone, I hope you all had a great holiday. We sure did! We spent the holiday surrounded by family. The girls had a blast with their cousins at the beach, at the Santa Barbara Zoo, and in the back yard. The weather was amazing. We had beautiful 80 degree days that cooled off at night to a reasonably comfortable temperature for sleeping.
We did have our share of little problems as well which took a bite out of our travel budget, thus altering our plans a little. That is life I guess. Now we are staying with family in Southern California while Jason does some landscape work for them to earn back some of our travel budget. We are so thankful for this opportunity. It does mean however that we will not be able to make as many stops along our route to Tennessee since we are trying to be there by Christmas. I guess that just means we will have to explore this part of the Country again, darn! Let me just say, I love traveling!!! This is the best. Even though we have had some struggles along the way, it has been less stressful than life before the trip. We are after all following our dreams now. It may not be a traditional life, and it may not be the life that is right for us forever, but it its right for us now. We are so thankful to be living this dream, and we look forward to the next leg of our adventure!

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