Razor Clams on the Oregon Coast

7:34 PM

Back in October before we headed to Portland we spent a few days on the Washington Coast at Long Beach. It was a really beautiful area and we had a ton of fun even though it was quite stormy the majority of the time we were there.

It was Razor Clam Season and we thought we would try our luck. We did not have the necessary clamming gun which is a long tube that you shove down into the sand where you suspect a clam to be. Instead we only had a shovel which can be used successfully but is not as accurate as the gun. We headed out in the rain to see what we could dig up. You are supposed to go out at low tide and look for the clams at the waters edge. We were warned to be careful of sneaker waves that come up without warning and can be dangerous if they overtake you. My job was to be on the lookout for waves. The girls were to be on the lookout for clams which you find by spotting little volcano looking mounds with a hole in them after the wave recedes.  It was Jason's job to dig up the clams. We were not having much luck finding clams until we met this lovely gentleman who helped us spot them and even let us use his gun on the first couple.
We unfortunately never caught his name as not long after we found the first clam it began to hail on us! We took off running back to the truck. The girls and I stayed in the truck to warm up and Jason went back out for a little while to try is luck again. He ended up getting a few clams on his own with the shovel.
The next day was my birthday and I decided to sit the rainy, cold, clam dig out. Jason took the girls again though. Without my "expert" sneaker wave spotting ability they ended up getting soaked, but remained unharmed, and came home with a few clams to boot. We only had nine clams total from the two days which was not enough to make a full clam dinner, but I did enjoy a lovely clam chowder for my birthday dinner!

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